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Chair-man Mills Corp. partners with GenWell


Toronto, March 28, 2024 - Chair-man Mills Corp., Canada's premier national event and tent solutions provider, has joined forces with GenWell (formerly The GenWell Project), a national movement introduced in 2016 to help Canadians become healthier and happier through in-person connections. The event solutions leader, which provides rental solutions to over 30,000 events per year from Vancouver to Halifax, has partnered to become the movement’s first National Sponsor. The partnership is based on the commitment both organizations share in enabling Canadians to gather and connect, and the wide body of research that confirms the benefits of such connections on health, wellbeing and happiness.


“In-person human connections are absolutely fundamental to our overall wellbeing,” says Allison Freeman, Chief Executive Officer at Chair-man Mills Corp., which operates a portfolio of nine brands across the country including Event Rental Group, Regal Tents and Structures and Loungeworks. “Our purpose is to create engaging spaces that spark remarkable experiences and connections. We recognize that in-person human interaction is a pillar of social, physical, mental and emotional health and are so proud to play a role in facilitating Canadians to benefit from such events. GenWell’s mission aligns beautifully with our purpose, and we are privileged to support its important work.”


Research reveals that in-person social engagement has a direct impact on overall health, wellbeing, happiness and longevity. Events and gatherings help individuals feel a sense of community and connection that has been proven to positively contribute to health markers like heart and mental health, blood pressure and immune resistance. These in-person encounters in social settings also provide communal benefits such as the potential for greater dialogue and understanding among individuals and groups, and a greater sense of hope and harmony among attendees.


“We are thrilled to have Chair-man Mills Corp, an iconic brand in the North American event rental industry, as our first national corporate partner,” says Pete Bombaci, founder of GenWell. “There is a powerful alignment between its products and services and our mission, and we are looking forward to exploring the many ways this partnership will allow us to collaborate to help build a more connected Canada where everyone thrives.”


As part of the collaboration, GenWell will share its insights, knowledge and tools with Chair-man Mills Corp. colleagues, clients and partners — each of whom plays an essential role in enabling Canadians to engage and connect.


Later this summer, inspired by the work of GenWell, the first edition of the Canadian Social Connection Guidelines will be released, which will reinforce the importance of our social connections and social health to our physical and mental well-being.


For media inquiries, please contact:

Jamie Deans - Genwell 647.284.7710

Laurence Sauvé - Torchia Communications



About Genwell

A registered Canadian non-profit organization, GenWell (formerly The GenWell Project) is a grassroots Global Human Connection Movement, whose mission is to make the world a happier and healthier place by educating people about the importance of face-to-face social connection as a proactive step to improve our overall health, happiness, and longevity, as well as for those around us. The organization shares information, research, tips, tools and motivation through its social channels and website to help people create healthy connection habits. It also activates around two weekends a year – spring and fall – when it sets out to be the catalyst that triggers people to reach out and get connected face-to-face with family, friends, neighbours, classmates and colleagues. Learn more at


About Chair-man Mills Corp.

Founded in 1911, Chair-man Mills Corp. is Canada's premier provider of tent and event services, delivering more than 30,000 memorable events per year. Chair-man Mills Corp. serves its customers – venues, caterers, event planners and everyday hosts – through a portfolio of renowned brands that includes Event Rental Group, Contemporary Furniture Rentals, Regal Tent Productions, Advanced Tent Rental, A&B Partytime, Loungeworks, MacFarlands and Higgins Event Rentals. Propelled by a mission to create engaging spaces that spark remarkable experience and connections, the company enables Canadians to gather across social, corporate, philanthropic, and community gatherings. Learn more at