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  • When should I make my reservation?

    The sooner the better especially in busy months such as June, September, and the holiday season. For large-scale events you should be thinking of 2 to 3 months in advance or even earlier, if possible. For smaller orders, usually a week or 2 is sufficient.

  • How many glasses do I need?

    Usually a glass and a half per guest for cocktail receptions is advised. For a sit down dinner, there should be one glass for each beverage (ie. water, wine, etc.).

  • Do I order everything in the same quantity?

    Glassware is ordered by the dozen, china in multiples of 5, and cutlery in multiples of 10. Exceptions are Arco Weiss China, Crystal and Specialty glasses.

  • What size tablecloth should I order?

    The formula for linen is: width of linen minus width of the table, divided by two, equals the overhang on each side of table as well as the ends (ie. if linen ordered is 90" by 156" and the table ordered is 8' by 30", therefore 90" minus 30", divided by 2 equals 30" overhang on each side. 156" minus 96", divided by 2 equals 30" overhang on each end).

  • How much room do I need for tables and chairs?

    When using oblong tables, divide the room area (sq. ft.) by 8. When using round tables divide the room area by 10. These figures are for maximum seating. If space is available for more comfortable seating allow an additional 2 sq. ft. per guest. (This information does not allow for columns or unusually shaped rooms).

Returning Rentals

  • Do I have to wash china/cutlery/glassware?

    No. We just ask that you clear and empty them and return them to the containers in which the equipment arrived.

  • How should I return tablecloths?

    Please ensure all tablecloths are free of food and place with your other rentals. DO NOT place linens in green or black garbage bags that may be mistaken for trash!

  • Do I have to break down the tables and chairs?

    Chair-man Mills Corp. is responsible for delivering the equipment to one location and picking up from the same place, unless alternative arrangements have been scheduled. It is the responsibility of the client to ensure the equipment is ready for pick up and in one location. For an additional fee, Chair-man Mills Corp. can assist in the tear down of your event.

Pick up and Delivery

  • May I pick up my order?

    Orders may be picked up at 501 Consumers Road, which is conveniently located at Victoria Park Avenue and Hwy 401 – please call for minimum order requirements. Proceed down the ramp to the pick-up and returns door and give your name/company name to the dispatcher. We will help you load the equipment into/out of your vehicle.

  • Will you deliver the equipment to my home/venue?

    We deliver based on minimum order requirements - please call for a quote. A delivery fee is applied depending on the location. Additional charges may apply to office buildings and non-main floor deliveries.

  • Do I have to be home when the delivery arrives?

    You do not have to be home for a delivery. However, you must have a protected area for the rentals so that weather damage does not occur. Also, it should be in a secure area as you are responsible for loss etc.

  • Will your delivery people set up furniture?

    Setting up equipment and moving furniture is not included in the delivery fee. Personnel are available if scheduled in advance for $5.00 per table and $2.00 per chair. If a floorplan is provided furniture rentals are placed as per direction upon delivery. Please request the set up service at the time of placing the order for us to properly schedule.

Refunds and Damage

  • If I do not use the rental equipment and return it un-opened will I be refunded?

    Unfortunately once the equipment is accepted for delivery we cannot refund any items unused.

  • If I have an outdoor party and it rains do I have to bring everything inside?

    Yes. It is your responsibility to ensure the equipment is kept from being damaged by the weather. You will be charged for any equipment damaged.


  • When do I pay?

    All deliveries as well as pick up & returns are C.O.D. unless invoicing arrangements have been made in advance. C.O.D. orders may be paid by cash, direct debit (pick up only), cheque or credit card (VISA or MasterCard).

  • What is your cancellation policy?

    Any orders cancelled prior to 72 hours before delivery will not be charged (unless a non-refundable deposit has been taken). Orders cancelled within the 72 hours are subject to a fee of 50% of the total value of the rental order.