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Creating timeless elegance with drapery and décor.

In the delicate dance between space and style, our drapery division breathes life into tents and venues, creating the extraordinary with a touch of fabric. Our customizable hardware is a testament to the possibilities, ascending from a modest 5 feet to a height of 25 feet. Guided by our experienced crew, ceilings can transform into something magical.

Tent Drapery

The palette of possibilities is a kaleidoscope of hues and textures, offering a tapestry of inspiration. From the timeless purity of classic whites, the tender embrace of soft pinks, to the opulent radiance of bright golds, and the serenity of nature's hues – we unveil a treasury of fabrics – each holding within it the promise of transformation. Complete tent roof drapery or modern and crisp arch drapes help to transform any tent into the space of your dreams.

Venue Drapery

The essence of elegance, the spirit of transformation - they're woven into every thread, every choice. Any space can become a story, and the right drape can paint the backdrop to those cherished memories. From full wall drape, to custom backdrops, to ceiling swags, our drapery team can transform any venue.

Specialty Lighting

In this symphony of ambiance, chandeliers take center stage. Our rustic wicker chandeliers offer a relaxed charm, casting a warm and welcoming glow, while our gold chandeliers lend a contemporary note, infusing modernity into the atmosphere.

For inquiries, please reach out to Your event, our artistry – let's craft something extraordinary together.